About Us

Doraj Hamd Aria Company was established in 2019 with the aim of providing after-sales services for the products of Sina Hamd Aria Company. After a year of this company's activity, the need to provide one of the most basic parts of hospital beds, i.e. wheels, was felt more than ever. Due to the internal conditions of the country, it was difficult to procure wheels from other countries, and in order to control the quality of the wheels and provide competent services for the centers of Doraj Hamd Aria Company, he started to prepare molds and produce wheels inside the company, which resulted It became the production of wheels up to world standards and of exemplary quality, which the lack of reports of failure during the two years of its production is proof of this issue. Among other actions of Doraj Hamd Aria company is the reconstruction of worn out beds and help in the renovation of hospital hotel equipment.